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Advanz Industrial was founded with the vision to provide cost-effective filtration solutions to a plethora of industries including the oil and natural gas filtration, refining, gasoline, natural gas filters, power generation, petrochemical, diesel fuel, manufacturing, water, and food and beverages.  We have been in the industry for long enough to know the market like the back of our hand.

We take pride in our years of experience in this field, which has broadened our horizon and give us a global approach.  We have an extensive infrastructure that enables us to meet your custom requirements with ease. At Advanz, our team is committed to serving you professionally and promptly.

We offer cost-effective and efficient filtration solutions for the most complicated filtration applications in Canada and rest of the world. We also have our offices in Mexico and the USA.

Our oil and natural gas filtration solutions mainly comprise of four different elements, and they are – strainers, separators, coalescers, and replacement parts.

Strainers are the first piece of equipment used in the process of filtering natural gas. They help in removing the larger impurities in the raw natural gas stream. Advanz supplies all possible types of strainers such as simplex, duplex, Y-strainers, T-strainers, and automatics.

Separators are used to remove the large liquid parts such as water and hydrocarbons from the natural gas. A vane pack or mesh pad is used to filter these particles.

Coalescers are used in the final stage of filtration. These elements are mainly used to remove the small solid and liquid particles to convert natural gas into a usable form.

Replacement elements are further used for the filtration process. Some of the key replacement elements offered by Advanz are filters, coalesce filters, filter cartridges, straining elements, and separator elements.  


We look forward to assisting you in your diverse filtration projects. Our team is outfitted to help you right from the nascent stage of projects to their engineering, design, sizing, and startups. We can also evaluate your current filtration process and provide any replacement filter elements as needed. If you would like to know more about our products, contact us today.




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